Supporting student well-being in a digital learning environment

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This resource is a presentation created for school leaders.

The presentation focuses on a research paper, ‘Supporting student well-being in a digital learning environment’, by Dr Magdalena Balica, Senior Policy Research Manager for International Baccalaureate Organization. It outlines three key well-being-related areas that should be considered when considering students’ learning in a digital environment:

  1. overcoming isolation and loneliness
  2. boosting learning engagement
  3. improving self-regulated learning skills.

A separate presentation is created for each of these areas and school leaders are encouraged to use these, adapting them to their context, with their school community to stimulate discussion or support training needs. Please consult the full research paper before using the presentation.


Overcoming isolation and loneliness (PDF, 2.7 MB)

Boosting learning engagement (PDF, 3.0 MB)

Improving self-regulated learning skills (PDF, 2.7 MB)