Leading well-being

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The IB has created a suite of videos to support educators and school leaders in implementing well-being strategies and action plans within their schools. Whatever your school context, whether you are learning about crisis or through crisis, these resources will support your approach to well-being.

Leading well-being

The IB supports an emphasis on well-being in schools and a focus on nurturing learners' diverse talents and strengths in a stressful and competitive world. This video explores the importance of creating a positive school culture towards well-being and prioritizing basic needs for safety and belonging within the school community.

What makes school safe?

When students feel safe, they are better equipped to handle crises and succeed academically. This video explores the different support different students need in order to feel safe at school.

How do we develop resilience?

Resilience helps individuals cope with stress and crisis and how to use their experience to overcome adversity. This video explores how parents and teachers can build the resilience of young people.

Leading well-being in a crisis

Leaders need to support all members of their community and help them understand that it’s ok to be scared during a crisis. This video explores how leaders should reflect on their leadership style during a crisis and how structures and systems can adapt to support the well-being of the whole school community.

Creating a well-being action plan

Action plans are useful tools to help you set goals and the steps to achieving them. This video explores practical tips for creating an action plan for your school to support well-being.