The power of propaganda

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Guiding questions 

  • Can an advertising/brand slogan sell you a product? 
    • How does that work? 
    • What language do companies use to sell you what you do not want/need? 
  • Can a political slogan motivate you to take action? 
    • Can the “right” slogan cause people to: 
      • donate money to campaigns? 
      • vote for or against a candidate? 
      • win or lose an election? 
  • Can you recognize political propaganda? 
  • What purposes can political propaganda serve? 
  • How much power do words have and what controls how much power the same words would have on different people? 



English: Lesson (class project description “This assignment covers the main types of propaganda.  Examples from magazines and commercials are included.”) The Power of Propaganda 

French: L'art de la propagande 

Spanish: Esquivar la propaganda. El poder de los medios, los medios del poder 


English: Lesson (Two 50 minute class periods) – The Power of Propaganda from Facing History and Ourselves 

French: La propagande politique moderne : définition, exemples et moyens d'en venir à bout 

Spanish: El poder y la propaganda política