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This section provides resources that have been curated to support learning.

During times of crisis, learning can provide structure, routine, and a voice to young people.

Learning can help students explore possible answers to questions, solutions to challenges, and tools to help them manage difficult situations. A crisis can also provide a context for meaningful exploration of the complex, sometimes frightening, issues facing humanity and the planet.

The IB aims to equip and empower you to adapt your learning experiences as you see fit, using the IB learner profile, approaches to teaching, and approaches to learning.

Click the links for resources that will help you facilitate these kinds of explorations with your learners, underpinned by these key tenets of an IB education.

EuroClio resources to teach about the invasion of Ukraine

How to discuss the Ukrainian crisis in class

Explore the current situation in Ukraine and its historical origins

Learning lesson - the Invasion of Ukraine

How to approach Ukraine and Russia war in the classroom


IB learning resource guide

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