Request for authorization

When ready, the candidate school submits an Application for authorization.

The application includes specific documents that demonstrate the school’s understanding of the programme for which it is seeking authorization, as well as information about its planning and/or trial implementation, depending on the programme.

A sample of the Application for authorization can be downloaded from our resource and document library for schools that wish to review its contents before completing the document online. Schools work with the appropriate IB regional office to receive access to the online application when they are ready to apply.

After submission of the application, the school will receive a feedback report that may request additional information or a school response to issues raised by the application. Typically, these must be addressed before the application is considered complete.

Verification visit

Once the Application for authorization is complete, the IB visits the school to verify that the IB’s educational principles and required standards and practices are in place and that the school is prepared to become an IB World School.

These visits are typically conducted by two to three experienced IB educators from the IB educator network (IBEN) who have been fully trained according to global IB policies to become site visitors.

Decision on authorization

Following the verification visit, the relevant regional office will produce a report based on the findings of the visiting team and the information provided in theApplication for authorization.

In some cases, this report may identify matters to be addressed, which are issues that must be dealt with before the school can be authorized as an IB World School for the programme in question; if this is the case, the school will be provided with a timeline for addressing these issues and the support to do so.

If the school’s application meets IB requirements and there are no matters to be addressed, the Director General will grant the school authorization to teach the relevant IB programme. With that authorization, the school will officially become an IB World School for the programme.

IB World Schools may announce this designation to their communities for the relevant programme. The school will appear on the IB website and may also prominently feature the IB World School logo and other information in their materials.

More information on how schools can market their status as an IB World School can be found in our resource and document library or the digital toolkit.

In addition to the Guide to school authorization, useful documents for this phase include the Programme standards and practicesGeneral regulations and Rules for IB World Schools, that can be found in our resource and document library.

These documents are the authoritative statements of the standards, practices and requirements to which schools are subject during and after the authorization process.