Consideration phase

Once a school decides to explore the authorization process, its leadership completes a School information form to inform the IB of its interest and to request additional information.

The form is available online at the link below. 


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Once the IB has confirmed receipt of the School information form, school leaders must:

  • ensure that the head of the school participates in an IB workshop to become familiar with IB’s programmes, philosophy and authorization process
  • identify the person who will become the coordinator of the programme
  • elicit support from its community and identify resources needed
  • examine the IB philosophy and specific programme structure and requirements, and compare them with the current state of the school to see if they are compatible.

In addition to the Guide to school authorization, useful documents for the consideration phase include the Programme standards and practices and Requirements for candidacy, which can be found in our resource and document library.

These documents are the authoritative statements of the standards, practices and requirements to which schools are subject during and after the authorization process.