IB grants

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) provides short-term grants for schools experiencing temporary financial challenges or schools that are demonstrably increasing access to IB programmes.


Please note that IB grants is no longer accepting applications. The IB is committed to supporting our candidate and IB World Schools when crises and significant challenges arise. To that end, the current channels for funding, including the IB grants, are being reviewed to determine the best approach to continue providing support for schools in need. More details on the available support moving forward will be published by September 2023.


Who can apply?

This fund offers grants to schools or education districts in two categories.

Category 1: IB World Schools experiencing temporary financial difficulties owing to unpredictable circumstances beyond their control

Category 2: IB World Schools that can clearly demonstrate that they are significantly widening access to IB programme(s) and/or that they will be significantly contributing to a more diverse, inclusive IB Community – for example, the addition of the Career-related Programme (CP) in schools already authorized for the Diploma Programme (DP).

Nature of the grants

Grants are short term, valid for one year with a possible extension to two years maximum.  Funds can be used for the training of teachers and administrators, the payment of the IB annual school fee for one or more programmes, or to support creative schemes to widen access and diversity.

Grants will take the form of a credit to the school's IB account.  This will enable a rebate in annual fees or payment of workshop expenses in lieu of reimbursement of costs incurred through schemes to widen access and diversity.  Schools will be expected to submit a report after the funds have been expended.

Schools with overdue amounts owing to the IB are not eligible to apply for an IB Grant.  Any school (or school district) that has previously been awarded an IB Grant is only eligible to reapply three years after the date of the previous award.

The ongoing sustainability of an IB programme in the school is a key consideration in the award of a grant.


The application form word doc should be completed and emailed to the IB Grant Administrator in the Washington, DC Global Centre at ibgrant@ibo.org. The same should be done for the One-Year Report word doc once the grant has been utilized.