Orientations for schools considering the IB

If you’re interested in International Baccalaureate® (IB) programmes of education and professional development, you may already be looking at the process for becoming an IB World School.

The IB has scheduled orientation events for schools and higher education requiring further information, and the events are specifically designed for those interested in the IB.

Orientation events provide an overview of the IB and the processes involved in becoming an IB World School.

They can be as short as two hours or last a full day, depending on the needs of those involved.

The schedule includes information about:

  • teaching and learning in the IB’s programmes
  • recognition of IB programmes
  • programme impact research
  • the application process for becoming an IB World School, and the necessary forms.

Participants will be able to meet with the IB representative in their region to discuss further questions regarding the IB or becoming an IB World School.

Find out about an orientation event near you

For further information about upcoming orientation events, please email the team in your region.

There is a development team at each of our Global Centres.

Read more about the IB’s work in each region.