Call for papers

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Dynamic and interactive sessions for our conference delegates are critical to the success of the IB Education Festivals, and by sharing your ideas and taking an active role in delivering one of over 20 presentations during the festival, you can support the IB community, promote a better world through education and expand your network of education professionals.

The opportunity to submit a conference presentation proposal for the IB African Education Festival in Johannesburg 2020 is closed now. We will respond to all applicants on or before 1 January 2020.

Your submission will be reviewed by a committee using a set of criteria, including relevance to the theme of the conference, “Leading and Learning in the 21st Century”, presenter experience in the classroom, interactive engagement with the audience, and the connection to one of the conference's strands identified below:  

    • Inspire: ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’ - William Butler Yeats. What examples exist to maintain the fire needed to inspire students? As educators, how do we challenge ourselves to be more effective practitioners and inspire a lifelong quest for learning? In what ways can students, as well as educators, remain inspired while celebrating our common humanity and developing international mindedness? 

    • Innovate: Rapid technological change requires schools to think, design, and plan their role in developing hubs of innovation and inspiring innovators. Being innovative involves an awareness of one’s environment and thinking creatively and critically about solving the world’s pressing challenges. How can we also create educational ecosystems that thrive within and beyond the confines of a classroom to foster a culture of innovation?  

    • Integrate: How will schools adopt innovations in education to improve the educational experience? How will educational advances inform learning and what role will technology play? The 21st century requires students who are knowledgeable but also have a variety of skillsets that will prepare them for life. How can schools create opportunities to develop critical thinking, time management, intercultural understanding, emotional intelligence and empathy for students to succeed in our globalised, integrated and collaborative world? 


Terms and conditions for session proposals 

When submitting a proposal for the IB African Education Festival in Johannesburg 2020, please make sure it adheres to the following terms and conditions.   

      • All proposals must be submitted in English.
      • The same school or institution may not appear on more than one/two proposals.  
      • It is the primary presenter’s responsibility to communicate all official correspondence in a timely manner to all co-presenters.  
      • All breakout sessions are 50 minutes in length and should include interaction and discussion.  
      • All session rooms are set up in theatre style and stationery will not be provided. More information on the room specifications will be provided upon approval of the workshop presentation.  
      • The rooms will range from 20 to 50 capacities, and this will be assigned by the IB Review Committee based on a number of factors including target audience and topic.  
      • IB Education Festivals provide voluntary professional development opportunities. All session presenters and co-presenters are required to pay for their conference registration fee. 
      • The IB will not reimburse any expenses.  
      • Presentations should not promote commercial purposes and focus only professional development.  
      • All presenters must be available to present anytime during the IB African Education Festival.  
      • All presenters should send a copy of their presentation to the development team, one week before the event and should bring with them a copy of the same on a USB stick in PowerPoint format, for back up. 
      • All computers will be attached to the AV system and tested during the AV-check. Kindly note that projector connection would HDMA, should you require a different one kindly bring your own adaptor. 
      • Presenters will only be confirmed after returning a signed copy of the Session Facilitator Agreement to your point of contact. 
      • All presenters should provide their own material for their session should they need it.


For questions about the call for papers, please contact the development team