2011 regional conference

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Presentations from the 2011 Regional Conference


Erica McWilliam

Today's Kids, Tomorrow's Creatives [2.7MB] pdf

Lynn Erickson

Synergistic Thinking and Conceptual Understanding in the IB Programmes [2.6MB] pdf

Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa

Mind, Brain and Education Science [2.9MB] pdf

Deputy Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven

Plenary speech 27 Oct 2011 [14KB] pdf


Assessment: past, present and future [1.2MB] pdf

Carolyn Adams

Inspiration in context [180KB] pdf

Anna Androulakis, John Woodcock

Developments in the Diploma Programme [2.1MB] pdf

Andrew Atkinson

Creativity in 100 words [1.7MB] pdf

Anne Bamford

What's happening across the IB [1.0MB] pdf

Jeff Beard

Looking forward: The new IB strategic plan [900KB] pdf

Jeff Beard

Inspiring international mindedness through the IB continuum [3.4MB] pdf

Christine Amiss, Robert Harrison, Carol Inugai-Dixon

What's next for the IB Learner profile? [2.3MB] pdf

Christine Amiss, Robert Harrison, Kate Lin

IB Global Research Dept: Recent Studies, Future Directions [1.2MB] pdf

Michael Dean

New Perspectives: Developments in IB programmes [1.0MB] pdf

Judith Fabian

Developments in the Primary Years Programme [721KB] pdf

Jennifer Giddings, Sandy Paton

Breaking down the barriers - diversity & inclusiveness in the IB [264KBpdf

Ian Hill, Glynn Richards

Derribando barreras: Diversidad e inclusión en el IB (Español) [264KB] pdf

Ian Hill, Glynn Richards

Schools as prisons [264KB] pdf

Conrad Hughes

The development of guidance for school language profiles and student portfolios in international education [940KB] pdf

Carol Inugai-Dixon

World Studies Extended Essay [431KB] pdf

Helen James, Gautam Sen

Group 4 curriculum review [1MB] pdf

David Jones

Toward a system of evaluatinga school's international education program [1.1MB] pdf

Dan Keller

Les étudiants face à leur avenir professionnel [1.4MB] pdf

Esmat Lamei

Research as a way of knowing: Extended Essay in ToK [1.3MB] pdf

Simone Lorenz-Weir, Darryl Toerien

An introduction to IB Answers [381KB] pdf

Samantha Lloyd

Supporting the development of a bilingual PYP programme [600KB] pdf

Ghinwa Malas

Developments in the Middle Years Programme [668KB] pdf

Andrew Mayes

To be or to inspire [676KB] pdf

Elani McDonald

Educating and informing about the IB [4MB] pdf

Tim Nettleton

The Changing World of Online Professional Development [1.3MB] pdf

Online PD Team

IBCC Update [517KB] pdf

Dominic Robeau

Successfully Navigating Higher Education Pathways [593KB] pdf

Paul Sanders, Ake Sörman, Julian Metcalf, Angela Hopkins

Could you be IB PD? [964KB] pdf

Anthony Tait, Liza tercero

Performance Comparison between IB School Students and Non-IB School Students on the ISA [1.4MB] pdf

Ling Tan

The IBDP. A Creature of Myth! [1MB] pdf

Roz Trudgon