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A webinar pass provides access to all webinars related to one International Baccalaureate® (IB) programme. The webinar schedule, for each pass, is below.

Middle Years Programme (MYP) webinars are available in English, Spanish and French.

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All times listed are below are given in coordinated universal time (UTC).

From facts to understanding - Helen Morschel 
13 September 2017 at 10pm UTC and 14 September 2017 at 11am UTC

Guiding learners to think and build with the knowledge they have, or can readily access, is the key to constructing meaning. An inquiry environment thrives when teachers facilitate learning engagements that uncover broad, conceptual understandings. Explore ways to extend learner wonderings, rather than generate learning activities, and investigate the role of robust, conceptual questions as a tool to explore big ideas from multiple perspectives.

Promoting innovation in the PYP - Angela Meikle
04 October 2017 at 10pm UTC and 05 October 2017 at 11am UTC

In what ways can we bring a culture of innovation to the forefront in our schools and networks? How might current research, the PYP review, and our own local contexts transform "pockets of innovation" to a “culture of innovation?" In this webinar you will explore tools and strategies aimed at developing your school’s collective capacity for innovation within the PYP framework.

Creating collaborative environments for learning - Emma Homerlein
25 October 2017 at 10pm UTC and 26 October at 11am UTC

Why is collaboration so important for learning? How do we create an environment that supports productive and engaging discussion and dialogue? Come and explore some of the theory behind the benefits of collaboration, and some practical ideas to enhance collaboration within your own learning communities, both in school and beyond!

Stop, notice and listen: the didactic role of observation when children play - Jennifer Wong-Powell -  29 November 2017 at 10pm UTC and 30 November 2017 at 11am UTC

This webinar will explore the importance of observation when children play. The discussion will focus on practical tools such as observation protocols and how they support teachers when planning for learning. Discuss external resources and see real examples from IB World Schools.

MYP webinar pass

This webinar series will be structured in an interview-like format with a key guest and then a space for exchange among participating schools. The webinar series takes the global competences developed by Boix Mansilla and Jackson (2011) as point of departure to discuss how to encourage students to investigate the world beyond our immediate environment, identify connections of our shared humanity, and recognise how culture and perspectives influence our thinking. Consider how to engage our hearts and minds in the communication of our ideas in order to facilitate meaningful interactions with others that will enhance our local, national and international communities.

Exploring international-mindedness - Lisa Nicholson
06 September 2017 at 10pm UTC and 07 September at 3pm UTC

Generate and explain the interconnectedness of local, regional and global issues. Identify, collect and analyze the knowledge and evidence required to develop and respond to issues using a variety of international sources, media and languages and considering multiple perspectives. Synthesize collected evidence to construct a multi-faceted perspective on the context of issues or problems.

Developing rich perspectives - Lisa Nicholson
04 October 2017 at 10pm UTC and 05 October at 3pm UTC

Recognize and articulate beliefs and perspectives on global issues and identify the potential implications of those perspectives. Discuss how the interaction of ideas across cultures and belief systems influence the development of new knowledge to issues. Articulate how the consequences of differential access to knowledge, technology and resources affect quality of life, equity, and influence our perspectives audiences.

Communicating in an interconnected world - Lisa Nicholson 
01 November 2017 at 10pm UTC and 02 November at 3pm UTC

Recognize that the same information can acquire different meanings depending on the context. Begin to understand the value, importance and barriers related to language. Explain how effective communication impacts understanding and collaboration in an interconnected and interdependent world. Select and effectively use appropriate technology, media and resources to communicate with diverse audiences.

Engaging in principled action - Lisa Nicholson
06 December 2017 at 10pm UTC and 07 December at 3pm UTC

Recognize our capacity to advocate for and contribute to the enhancement of local, regional and international communities. Identify opportunities for personal and collaborative action to respond to issues in meaningful ways, considering implications and potential consequences regarding others. Act creatively and innovatively to make contribution.

DP webinar pass


Transitioning from MYP to DP - Andrea Vanegas
27 September 2017 at 10pm UTC and 28 September at 11am UTC

Learn about these five key areas: the articulation between ATL and ATT; ATL in the Middle Years; the challenges of DP subject-specific assessment components and requirements; the stages of language development and the centrality of language in all ATL categories; and the changing role of DP teachers, including the need to infuse ATL into unit planning.

Help your students develop appropriate extended essay questions - Katie Biela
18 October 2017 at 10pm UTC and 19 October at 11am UTC

Learn how to successfully advise DP students to devise and develop EE research questions. Focus on how to question students about their ideas and then provide a framework to construct the research question.  Particular attention will be paid to specificity; for example, time periods, philosophers, theatrical movements, literary devices and cultural context.

TOK and international-mindedness beyond the classroom - Andrea Vanegas
15 November 2017 at 10pm UTC and 16 November at 11am UTC

Gain new strategies to make connections between international mindedness as a way of thinking and the ways and areas of knowing in TOK. Strategize about how to integrate these concepts seamlessly in and beyond the classroom. Discuss effective ways to support TOK and international mindedness across the subject areas, including CAS and the EE.

Clearing a path to a DP education for all learners - Alexis Doyle
13 December 2017 at 10pm UTC and 14 December at 11am UTC

Exposing as many students as possible to the DP serves to build stronger foundations for all learners, equipping them with the creative problem-solving skills they will need after secondary school. Explore specific ways to open paths for more students to engage in the DP experience. Consider strategies for recruiting, encouraging and supporting students to choose the DP and models of support and success that encourage an active and flourishing programme.