Presenter biographies

Each webinar has a dedicated presenter.

Jennifer Wong-Powell

Jennifer Wong-Powell has worked in international schools in China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Lithuania. Most recently she has accepted the role of Early Childhood Coordinator at the International School of London, ISL Qatar. Jennifer has been awarded her doctoral degree which is an interpretive inquiry into the impact of biographical histories of early childhood teachers on play practices. She continues to be passionate about unearthing the complexities of play through collaboration and conversation, striving to reprioritize the place for play and to redefine the role of early childhood teachers. Jennifer’s dedication towards play is highlighted through her publications on the facilitative roles of early childhood teachers as well as her presentations in various conferences. Most recently she presented her research at the International Council for Children’s Play in Lithuania.

Gabriela Gonzalez Gabriela Gonzalez is a Uruguayan sociologist and Humanities teacher with a doctorate in sociology. She is currently the Approaches to Learning leader at Saint Brendan´s School in Montevideo, Uruguay. She has experience in the PYP and DP and is an IB workshop leader and school consultant. Gabriela has also contributed to the revision of the humanities and interdisciplinary teaching and learning guides in the context of the Next Chapter project.
Lisa Nicholson Lisa Nicholson is from Santa Cruz, California and has worked with the MYP as a teacher of history, coordinator, administrator, trainer and workshop developer. She is passionate about kids, a believer in creating challenging inquiry environments that stimulate learning and thinks that being a teacher is the best profession on earth. Currently she is working as the lead facilitator for HOS/IBC teacher support material development and has contributed to many MYP workshops.
Helen Morshel Helen Morschel is a trainer, workshop leader, school site visit leader, consultant and workshop developer for the IB. Her passion is guiding teachers to understand their role in classrooms as innovative, confident and creative facilitators of learning.
Angela Meikle Angela Meikle has a passion for supporting students and teachers to become highly capable, innovative and empowered agents for change. She is a learner first and experienced PYP educator and administrator second. Angela is a workshop leader, school site visit leader, consultant, field representative and Building Quality Schools curriculum reviewer.
Emma Homerlein Emma Homerlein is an experienced IB PYP educator who has had the opportunity to develop her own PYP understanding through a range of teaching and leadership roles in schools around Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Brisbane. She has contributed to the PYP review and is a workshop leader, consultant and school site visit leader for the IB. Emma is passionate about providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience for students and adults alike!
Kari Christensen Kari Christensen is an MYP and DP coordinator at a high school near Minneapolis. She is trained as a Building Quality Curriculum reviewer for MYP and is a consultant, site visitor, field representative, workshop leader and facilitator for both MYP and DP. She is an also an examiner for DP French ab initio. Kari teaches at Bethel University in St. Paul supporting a graduate program for educators that leads to an IB certificate in teaching and learning.
Katie Biela Katie Biela is the DP Coordinator and DP Dean of Instruction at Uplift North Hills Preparatory, a K-12 IB continuum in Irving, Texas (USA).  She is also a ToK Examiner and led her first official IB Conference of the Americas workshop in Toronto, July 2016.
Andrea Vanegas Andrea Vanegas is a Professional in Modern Languages and Socio-cultural Studies with a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from Bogotá, Colombia. She has been a teacher and a MYP/DP Coordinator for over 20 years. She is currently working at an IB School in Bogota as Language A Literature subject leader and teacher.
Alexis Doyle Alexis Doyle is an educator with 16 years’ experience in science and educational programming. Ms. Doyle is a graduate of the University of Maryland where she holds a master’s degree in life science. She obtained her bachelor’s of science in Biology at Howard University and completed an ESOL certificate through Juniata College, PA and University of Otavalo, Ecuador. She is a workshop leader focusing on MYP science and CAS Coordinator at Atlanta International School.
Nick Lee Nick Lee has worked at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore and St Clare’s, Oxford, the oldest IB Diploma school in England, where he was DP Coordinator and Director of Studies. He now leads IB workshops and develops online workshops.