IB is a viable option for Pakistani students

Newsweek has reported a growing influx of Pakistani parents choosing the IB to give their children a competitive edge when applying for US or UK universities.

The report states that many parents are counting on the IB as the more holistic, and competitive, alternative to the British General Certificate of Education’s (GSCE) Ordinary and Advance level (A Level) pre-college qualifications.

Karachi’s International School was the first private school to offer an IB programme in Pakistan in 1996 when they implemented the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP). It took another 10 years for other schools to adopt an IB programme. The schools which offer an IB programme recognize their value. “Parents have a habit of judging their children’s studies with the amount of homework they get,” says Misbah Rani of Lahore’s Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust. “Our programme encourages students to really learn and absorb the information rather than just memorize a few lines.”

The article shows that an IB education is a viable option for Pakistani students. “We hope that public schools will also be able to be part of the programme as well,” says Musa. “Pakistan is one of the fastest growing regions and markets for the IB. We are certain that in 10 years it will become one of the key countries for the IB worldwide.”

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