Become an IB examiner

As part of assessment processes the IB works with examiners and senior examiners in a variety of different roles. We are constantly looking to recruit new, skilled examiners and senior examiners as the IB continues to grow.

IB Examiners

Examiners are appointed to mark externally assessed work or to moderate internally assessed components (reviewing the original marking of teachers).

Acting as an IB examiner provides an international educational experience, encompassing unique professional development opportunities and an insight into the assessment process.

Applications for all subjects, across all programmes, are accepted throughout the year.

Provided an applicant has experience teaching a subject at the appropriate level, and to the specified age group, they do not need to have previously worked as an IB teacher.

Please use the following application form to apply. Before doing so, please read the examiner recruitment policy. 

Examining for the IB can also count towards maintaining your role as a teacher, with IB examiners being able to apply for US teacher credits.

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Senior examiners

Senior examiners are responsible for the academic quality of IB assessments.  In their role they provide effective, reliable and continuous leadership of an examining team during and across examination sessions, an IB Senior Examiner is looked to for their expertise and leadership. 

When senior examiner positions are available, they will appear in a list below. Please use the following application form to apply for any of the roles listed.

Before doing so, please read the recruitment policy for the role you desire. These are listed underneath the heading for each role. 

If you are interested in becoming a senior examiner and no suitable vacancy is listed below, please express your interest by email, with a CV attached. Please email

Chief Examiner

Design Technology

Classical Languages

Deputy Chief Examiner

No current vacancies

Download the recruitment policy

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There are currently no senior vacancies for subjects other than those listed on this page.

Examiner Responsible

There are currently vacancies for the following subjects:

  • Faroese A: Literature
  • Russian B
  • Somali Literature
  • Deputy Examiner Responsible for Estonian A: Literature
  • Deputy Examiner Responsible for Hebrew A: Literature

Download the recruitment policy

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Principal Examiner

Currently, there are no vacant principal examiner roles. If you're interested in this role, please email us to expression your interest. We will then contact you at the relevant time. 

You can still read the principal examiner recruitment policy

Payment rates and marking periods

The IB Diploma Programme has two examination sessions per year. Examiner payment rates are reviewed annually.

Read about payment rates and marking periods.