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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) views its teachers as essential to the success of the school-learning community. Our commitment to helping new and experienced teachers of IB programmes is strongly played out in both our mission and practice.


"The IB program was like a breath of fresh air."

Jeremy Schifberg, 2006 IB graduate from South Eugene High School, Oregon, USA

IB educator certificates and leadership certificates

Are you interested in pursuing an IB certificate in teaching and learning or leadership? A number of universities have now been formally recognized by the IB to offer undergraduate and/or postgraduate courses of study leading to eligibility for an IB educator certificate.

Visit the IB professional qualifications web pages to find out how you can make a commitment to your own professional growth that will demonstrate your deep understanding of and engagement in student learning, enhance your access to teaching and leadership positions worldwide and help you establish a strong peer network for collaboration, research and consultation.

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IB BlogsThe IB Blogosphere is the IB’s network of blogs, written by members of the IB community on a wide array of topics.

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Exclusive IB publications, materials and services are available to purchase on the IB store. The store also includes a new merchandise range of top-quality items featuring the new IB brand and new "In Cooperation" publications from other publishers.