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The School Services division of the IB is responsible for managing the authorization and evaluation process for schools.

Schools in the Asia Pacific region which are seeking information on how to become an authorized IB World School will find the appropriate information in Become an IB World School.

Authorized IB World Schools in the Asia Pacific region which are seeking information about the evaluation process are asked to address their queries to individual programmes.

For the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years programme and Diploma Programme please contact

Schools in the Asia Pacific region who are authorized for all three programmes are offered the opportunity to be evaluated as a whole school. If the school also is also accredited through an accrediting agency such as CIS (Council of International Schools) it may be able to combine its IB whole school evaluation visit with an agency accreditation visit.

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For further information please contact

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The IB is motivated by a mission to create a better world through education.

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A set of criteria that measures success in the implementation of the three programmes.

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The three programmes form a coherent sequence of education.

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