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Department for Education (DfE) announces initiative aimed at encouraging students in England to continue in the study of Maths post-16.

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IB to work with Department for Education on new initiative to promote Maths in England.

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Of the students I saw applying to medical school, the ones that had done the IB seemed to be more rounded individuals.

Dr Alice Roberts, Birmingham University Professor of Public Engagement in Science
22 January 2012

I think we need to look at introducing a true Baccalaureate, like the International Baccalaureate: a broad programme of learning that lets all young people choose the path that suits them best but gives all the solid, prestigious qualification age 14-19 that is valued by employers and universities..."

Andy Burnham MP
12 July 2011, speech at Demos

The Government recognises the quality and rigour of the International Baccalaureate"

Nick Gibb MP
Minister of State for Schools
Hansard, House of Commons,
10 Jan 2011

"I am a great admirer of the already existing International Baccalaureate and am determined to support a wider take up of that qualification".

Rt Hon Michael Gove
Secretary of State for Education Speech