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Associations of IB World Schools

IB World schools logoMany IB World Schools have chosen to form local associations with other IB World Schools at a national or sub-regional level.  These non-profit associations provide a forum for school collaboration, informal gatherings and the exchange of good practice.  Associations are often active in negotiating university and government recognition for IB programmes and can be an indispensable resource for schools discovering the IB for the first time. 

The IB is increasingly working on a formal basis with these association, recognizing the key role that they play in supporting the school network and developing the IB mission around the world.  Nevertheless, much like IB World Schools, each association is an independent entity that is not run or managed by the IB itself

What are the benefits of being an Association of IB World Schools?

Associations of IB World Schools who have been recognized by the IB are listed on the IB’s website and in the IB World Schools yearbook (published by John Catt). There is also an IB logo especially created for use on their websites and in publicity to denote their status. The associations can use IB materials in the same way as IB World Schools provided they are not posted on their website or copied for students.  Associations also attend meetings with and can seek advice from the regional offices.

Associations of IB World Schools with cooperation and licence agreement

  • Germany
    • Association of German International Schools (AGIS)
    • web
  • Middle East
    • Middle East IB Schools Association (MEIBA)
    • web
  • Commonwealth of Independent States
    • The IB Schools Association of Commonwealth of Independent States (IBSA)
    • web
  • Italy
    • The Association of IB World Schools in Italy (AIBWSI)
    • contact
  • Netherlands
    • The Association of Dutch IB World Schools
    • contact
  • Spain
    • Asociacion de Colegios BI en Espana (ACBIE)
    • contact
  • Sweden
    • The Association of Swedish IB Schools (ASIB)
    • web
  • Switzerland
    • Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS)
    • contact
  • United Kingdom
    • The IB Schools and Colleges Association (IBSCA )
    • web

Associations of IB World Schools

  • Denmark
    • The Danish Association of IB Schools
    • contact
  • Finland
    • Association of Finnish IB Schools (AFIB)
    • contact
  • Lebannon
  • Norway
    • Norwegian IB Schools (NIBS)
    • contact
  • Poland
    • IB Schools Association in Poland
    • contact
  • Portugal
  • Southern Africa
    • IB Schools in Southern Africa (IBASA)
    • contact
  • Turkey
    • Association of IB World Schools in Turkey
    • contact

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Association Events

Events are organised at regular intervals by the associations.

Higher Education Advisors' Conference

Organised by IBSCA, London 10 June, 2014.
Full programme and further information available on the IBSCA website .

MEIBA - archive of presentations
from 2013 Conference, Dubai. Available here