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Americas Council
Americas Regional Council

The Americas Council serves as a strategic advisory board for the regional director and provides information and assistance related to IB issues in various parts of the Americas.

Americas Council

Kimberly Mitchell
Kimberly Mitchell

Director, Partner Engagement, Argentina Teach For All,
Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                                      

Gary Little
Gary Little

Associate Superintendent (retired), Vancouver School Board,
North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Gary Batsell
Dr. Gary A. Batsell
Former Head of school, Discovery Canyon Campus,
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Alan Downie
Alan Downie                                                                
Head teacher, Lancaster School,
Tlalpan, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Pierre Duclos
Pierre Duclos
Director General,
Sebiq, Longueuil, Québec, Canada

Constance Goodwine-Lewis
Constance Goodwine-Lewis
Head of school, Broad River Elementary,
Beaufort, SC, USA

Mary Kanter
Mary L. Kanter
Head of school, Carrollwood Day School,
Tampa, FL, USA

Marjorie Lope
Marjorie Lope

District coordinator, Montgomery County Public Schools,
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Mabel María Mazzini de Manzitti

Head of school, St Catherine’s Moorlands School,
Pcia. de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Zachary Munoz
Dr. Zachary Muñoz
Head of school, Betty H. Fairfax High School,
Laveen, AZ  USA

Edison Ortiz
Edison Ortiz

CEO, MerchantBansa S.A.,
Quito, Ecuador

Lorna Prado Scott

Head of School, Santiago College,
Santiago de Chile, Chile