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Gifts from IB friends, alumni, and parents, enable us to ensure that an IB education is enjoyed by a greater number of students regardless of their personal circumstance. Your gift to the IB is a gesture that demonstrates your support for access to a high quality education for students from all walks of life.
You can support the members of the IB community through their journey of inquiry, global connectedness and lifelong learning by contributing to one of these causes:

IB World Student Conference Scholarships

Bringing students together from around the world IB World Student Conferences are a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with their peers and experience what it really means to be part of an international community of students. Focusing on themes of global importance, the IB World Student Conferences (WSC), over five days, participants collaborate with university faculty and industry leaders to develop solutions to some of the most pressing global issues of our time. During the conferences, students will be challenged to think critically and develop leadership skills while gaining valuable insights into different cultures.

IB Diploma Programme Student Grants

The idea of giving is at the core of an IB education. Students are encouraged to think about their role in society and how they too can act to make the world a better place. IB DP students develop some compelling projects as part of their Creativity, Action, Service projects. Projects have ranged from beach clean ups, to reading to patients in hospitals, to tutoring students who need extra support.

Service coupled with skills developed during their studies such as problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative working result in IB Diploma graduates outperforming their counterparts, having higher admittance rates at top universities and higher levels of achievement at university than their counterparts, yet many students are unable to benefit from an IB education for financial reasons.

Your gift to sustain the IB Diploma Programme Student Grants ensures more students benefit from an academically challenging and balanced education that prepares them for success at university and beyond regardless of personal circumstances.

IB Grant

To ensure that a greater number of students can access an IB education, IB schools go to great lengths to offer possibilities to students from all walks of life. To support this community mindedness, IB schools can apply for one-off grants that support them to make their school communities more diverse. These grants are also available to schools to meet short term unforeseen financial difficulties to ensure that students are not affected by these unexpected circumstances. You can learn more about the IB Grants programme here.

Other opportunities to support the IB

Access to an IB education is often impeded by language. To ensure that this barrier is overcome, support has been given to make curriculum resources available in languages other than the IB’s three working languages – English, French and Spanish, making our programmes available to diverse range of students.

Our programmes are at the heart of what we do. Without them our students and teachers would not be able to enjoy the stimulating and engaging classroom discussions that they have. Support for programme research and curriculum development help us to strengthen and extend our programmes and has led to a number of innovations to ensure that we continue being a leader in international education.

You can make a donation online now or you can learn more about how to make a gift to the IB.

"Going to the conference has opened my mind to such greater things and to people. I can truly say I walked away with my life being changed forever. No picture and no video can describe the experience that I had at the conference meeting and getting to know some of the most intelligent and awesome people."

Monifa Sawyer, Stockton Collegiate International School, Stockton, CA, USA, WSC Participant 2012

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